Nervous structure of the clitoris

The redundant dorsal tunica albuginea and neurovascular bundle are placed in a subcutaneous pocket above the pubic bone, folded without impairing the neurovascular supply, and its lateral edges are sutured to the adjacent periosteum of the pubis. The female urethra is a short conduit approximately cm long running from the base of the bladder and exiting in the periurethral glans area to the outside. The glans is the small visible component, not particularly erectile but packed with sensory nerve endings. Over the superior surface of the clitoris , the skin forms an incomplete hood the clitoral prepuce , and, on the inferior surface, a thin midline frenulum. The volume increase used was between to ml although the normal volume of the human penis is about 70 ml. It is formed from the tubercle of the undifferentiated common tissue anlagen in the embryo.
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The mystery of the female orgasm

In my last post I wrote about Princess Marie Boneparte and her revolutionary work on the female orgasm. A germinal layer coats the entire ovary, made of cuboidal epithelial cells. Speaking Up in the Bedroom. What works for one woman may not work for another. The vagina extends from the vulva externally to the uterine cervix internally. Anatomical terms of neuroanatomy [ edit on Wikidata ].
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BBC - Future - The mystery of the female orgasm

The vascular supply to the vagina is primarily from the vaginal artery, a branch of the anterior division of the internal iliac artery. Following a sling procedure, a patient complained of pinching clitoral and perineal pain. The clitoris is rich in sensory receptors. Malignancies of the female reproductive organs are unfortunately common and often life-threatening. As illustrated in this case, duloxetine and other centrally acting agents improve central sensitization in neuropathic pain, while local anesthetics may specifically address the peripheral component. Female Sexual Health Barbara D. The clitoris is formed from the tubercle of the undifferentiated common tissue anlagen in the embryo.
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These structures represent ovarian follicles at different stages of development and degeneration. The Vater-Pacini corpuscle is found deep in the subcutaneous tissues of this region. The arterial supply to the uterine tubes is from branches of the uterine and ovarian arteries, small vessels that are located within the mesosalpinx. They found that even when their injuries blocked the known nerve pathways in the spinal cord from the genitals to the brain, these women could still feel when their vagina and cervix were being touched. The mucosa of the proximal two-thirds of the urethra is composed of stratified transitional epithelium similar to that of the urinary bladder. Kantner, 5 on the basis of his review of the literature, felt that no specific ending existed.
Lubericating the anus

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